Stationary Pumps
Model: HBT40.10.60RS

1 .Stability:
• Special hydraulic system with double pumps and double circuits: compared with single pump double circuits, the pumping system and distributing system are driven by two independent pumps that allow a more stable oil flow rate to the pumping unit.
• Intelligent control system: advanced technology, easy operation and high reliability electrical system.

2. High efficiency:
• Hopper: High Suction Capacity due to Large Angle Fluent Hopper Design with less feed accumulation area.
• S valve: well designed S valve ensures the smooth flow of concrete.
• Rapid concrete piston substitution: the pistons can be changed easily by a single operator without any special tools in 15minutes. The hydraulic cylinder has an extra stroke to allow the piston to extend from the concrete cylinder.

3. Energy saving:
• Low running costs.
• Hydraulic oil treatment: equipped with multistage fine filtration and water separation devices, to extend hydraulic components lifetime and reduce oil changes.
• Super wear-resistant component: special steel alloy made spectacles wear plate and cutting ring plus high wear-resistant cast steel material made mixing blade, ensuring a longer lifetime of weary spare parts.

Model HBT40.10.48RS
Drive power KW 60
Max. Concrete Output m3/h 49/26
Max. Concrete Pressure bar 50/100
Concrete Cylinder(diam x stroke) mm 180x1250
Strokes 1/min 28/15
Hopper Capacity L 500
Filling height mm 1335